Reasons to eat Natto:

The best source of Vitamin K2

  • Natto is the most concentrated known food source of Vitamin K2, which functions in calcium regulation. There is substantial evidence that Vitamin K2 promotes bone growth and strength, decreases arterial calcification and improves cardiovascular outcomes.

The best source of nattokinase

  • During natto fermentation, live B. subtilis cultures produce an enzyme called Nattokinase in the sticky film surrounding the beans. Nattokinase inhibits blood clotting, and is commonly used medicinally to help prevent stroke and progression of cardiovascular disease.

Probiotic diversity

  • In natto, soybeans are fermented by Bacillus subtilis, a bacterial species not found in other probiotic foods
  • B. subtilis is an important natural resident of the healthy human gut. It has been shown to promote the growth of other beneficial microbes and to inhibit potentially harmful microbes.
  • B. subtilis activity makes natto an alkaline fermentation, unlike most other common ferments which generally increase acidity.
  • Finally, New York Natto is made fresh in our unique glass jars and is never frozen, so the live cultures are at their best - it tastes better and is better for you!

Vegan & gluten free

  • With just two ingredients - non-GMO soybeans and live B. subtilis culture - New York Natto is a great addition to many diets.

Full of fermented flavor

  • Although natto isn't for everyone, those who like it, love it. There's nothing else out there with the flavor and texture of natto.

Great nutritional profile