Buy new york natto

New York Natto is currently available in select retail outlets, but most of our sales are via direct shipment.
To place an order, just write us at - see details below.


Retail locations


  Dimes Market, 143 Division St
  New Museum Cafe, 235 Bowery

  Osakana, 290 Graham Ave
  Park Slope Food Coop, 782 Union St

  Fermentation Farm, 1125 Victoria St R


buy directly

New York Natto is uniquely packaged in recyclable glass jars. A 220g (7.8oz) jars is $10.

We offer natto through direct customer sales via email requests.  To place an order, please write to, letting us know your name, address, and # of jars.

Local delivery: product can be delivered by personal arrangement via subway for delivery/pick-up within Manhattan/Brooklyn/Queens. Currently, we do not charge extra for delivery and ask for a minimum order of two jars for this service. 
Shipping: we ship by USPS Priority Mail, and ask for a minimum order of four jars. Shipping / handling is as follows:
  4-6 jars (East of Mississippi): $15
  7-12 jars (East of Mississippi): $20
  4-6 jars (Western US): $20
  7-12 jars (Western US): $25