New York Natto.Original-Black-Turmeric.jpg

New York Natto is uniquely packaged in recyclable glass jars (8oz, 5 servings/jar.) 

We currently offer four varieties:

  • Original ($10) - traditional ferment, with hints of coffee and funky cheese.
  • Black ($10) - made with black soybeans, higher in antoxidants. Slightly milder/smoother ferment with smokey and chocolatey notes.
  • Turmeric ($12) - made from organic beans, organic turmeric, and organic black peppercorns for a warm, slightly spicy flavor.
  • Organic ($12) - traditional ferment with organic beans, giving a slightly firmer texture, a lighter coffee note and a hint of salad greens.

    In NYC, we offer free delivery within a 1 hour radius of our facility, minimum order 3 jars. Click here for our retail stores.

    Throughout the US, we ship by Priority Mail, minimum order 4 jars.  Shipping/handling is as follows:


    4-6 jars: $12
    7-12 jars: $15


    4-6 jars: $15
    7-12 jars: $18

    Texas, Florida, Mountain/West

    4-6 jars: $17
    7-12 jars: $24

    To place an order, please write to us at with your address, # of jars requested, and any specific delivery requirements.