Welcome to the home of NYrture New York Natto



New York Natto is uniquely packaged in recyclable glass (8oz jar)

                8 oz. jars are $10 each, minimum order of 2.

We offer natto through direct customer sales via email requests.  To place an order, please write to us to request (#jars) here and provide us an idea of where you are writing from:  NYrture.natto@gmail.com

Please note: We are taking a short summer break from August 12 - 23 to go see the solar eclipse. Thus, we will not be delivering/shipping natto during this time. Please go ahead and email us & we promise to get back to you as soon as we can. 

 Product can be delivered by personal arrangement via subway for delivery/pick-up within Manhattan/Brooklyn/Queens. Currently, we do not charge extra for delivery and ask for a minimum order of two jars for this service. We are currently focused on local NYC business, but are willing to consider shipment for large orders elsewhere by USPS Priority mail (for an additional shipping fee).

If you are interested in our, please email us to arrange a natto delivery or shipment. 

We accept cash or checks. We are happy to receive feedback and suggestions of any kind about our product, website, distribution or anything else!